With lockdown restrictions putting the squeeze on Bangkok’s restaurants, many of the city’s plant-based venues are facing tough odds of survival. A plant-based power couple is stepping up, and then taking many more steps, to help them out.
On July 30, the folks behind Root the Future are organizing Running for Restaurants, a literal marathon fundraiser for Bangkok’s growing number of plant-based restaurants. They’re asking you to sponsor their 42km run, performed after just two weeks of training, which should make for quite a challenge.
All proceeds will go to 23 plant-based venues to help them pay staff, utilities, rent, and any other costs they’re incurring because of the lockdown.
Sponsorship in this case means buying B500 or B1,000 food vouchers that you can spend at any of the restaurants after the marathon ends, once the restrictions have eased.  
Some of the restaurants include Barefood, Broccoli Revolution, Kappra Cafe, Plantiful, Veganerie, and Vistro. Below is an infographic explaining how it works and the full list of participating venues.
You can check on the donation status each day, and then tune in to Instagram Live on July 30 to support, or rubber-neck, as the run takes place.
For more information, check out Root the Future’s Instagram account.