From Aug 5-8, Simplify, a semi-improvisational dance performance buoyed by a striking visual installation, will transform the fourth-floor studio in the BACC into a creative space for personal healing.
Simplify is a collaborative effort between Dujdao Vadhanapakorn, the prolific performance artist, movement therapist and founding member of B-Floor Theater; the Workshoppers by Empathy Sauce, a group of therapists that offer art- and movement-based sessions; and Zieght, a company known for its cutting-edge light installations and projection mapping technology, which you may have experienced at major festivals like Wonderfruit.
Dujdao says she drew inspiration for this event from a six-year-old child she has worked with in one-on-one sessions through the pandemic, as well as Zieght’s recent Zpaceship performance—held during the lockdown, the performance incorporated DJ sets, projection mapping, and a lighting installation and was streamed live on Facebook.
For Simplify, Dujdao and three other dancers intend to embrace their inner six-year-olds. Meaning, they hope to reject their over-complicated adult view the world and its manifold problems through movement, inviting the audience to likewise relieve themselves of the emotional burden of the pandemic by embracing the carefree worldview of a child.
The performances will be semi-improvisational and movement-based, not to mention light and relaxing, and held from 7-8pm each night.
For more information, visit the Facebook event page; to purchase tickets (B380), contact the Workshoppers by Empathy Sauce on Facebook or call 093-629-6639.
Studio, 4/F, BACC, 939 Rama I Rd.