Swag Shop

Buzz: After gaining popularity on Facebook, Swag has opened its first store right in the heart of Siam Square.

Vibe: Simple white walls and floors with goods displayed on wooden shelves and some on tables and wall hangers. There’s also some hippy touches in the form of trippy posters, plants and flowers.

Goods: Swag Shop is all about anti-market street apparel, most notably hats, shoes and tops with big, bold graphics and unusual colors. Goods here are generally imported from the US, New Zealand, the UK and Australia. Think brands you’ve (probably) never heard of like Durkl, The Decades, Dusk, Hype and Underated. Hats come with colorful prints, faded wash or splashes of contrasting colors, printed t-shirts take on unusual tones and random graphics, while accessories like canvas bags and shoes are a little more low-key. Hats and tops start from B1,000 and shoes from B2,000. There’s also a fast-rotating selection of vintage items.

Why you’ll be back: Unless you’re into the fairly out-there labels they stock, you’ll find the prices here are pretty steep. But for those heavily into colorful, hip urban apparel, and who are willing to pay more for imported products, this could be your new favorite haunt. Nutthachai Bunluthangthum

Venue Details
Address: Swag Shop, 2/F, Lido Cinema, Rama 1 Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 086-397-9663
Area: Siam
Opening hours: daily noon-8pm
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