Bad news: 80/20’s closing. Good news: it’s only for a few months.

From mid-August, Charoenkrung’s hip hub of local produce will close down for renovations. When it reopens in November (exact date TBA), the restaurant will occupy a larger space on the ground-floor of the Old Town Hostel and, importantly, feature a much bigger kitchen.

As part of the overhaul, chef Napol Jantraget says they will also launch a "food lab" or test kitchen on-site with an eye towards expanding in the future. 

Since opening in late 2015, 80/20 has become one of Bangkok’s most vocal champions of all things local. Canada-trained Napol and his pastry chef wife Saki Hoshino are known to whip up Thai-inflected food that’s contemporary in taste and appearance, and yet deeply rooted in age-old techniques. The restaurant took out the No.5 spot in our Top Tables list of 2018.

Before renovations, you'll have a chance to say "farewell" to the old 80/20 on Aug 10-12 with a special 14-course meal at B4,000 per person (food only). See the full details here

1052-1054 Charoenkrung Soi 26, 099-118-2200.

Watch "Where Bangkok Chefs Eat" Ep. 1 for some of chef Napol's favorite local eats: